64 Plate-Sept Blingtastic!!

Wow where has the last 6 months gone?! But its new registration time again! This September welcomes the new 64 Plate. 

Heres one of the new cars we tinted this week, always room for a bit of bling! 

Here come the sun!

With the VERY welcome arrival of some real summer sun towards the end of this week, are we all set? We all know the risks assosiated with spending too much time in direct sunshine, and make sure we drink plenty, use sun protection lotion, wear hats and ensure our little ones are kept cool. But what about when your in your home or car? 

Window film is a highly effective means of reducing heat and glare, as well as blocking 99.9% UV rays, protecting us whilst off on summer excursions, or simply relaxing at home.

Call us today on 01473 272600 or email info@windowfilmcentre where our friendly and knowledgable advisors are always keen to answer any queries or take a booking.

For more information on home and office window film click here 

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Lovely film project!

We have just completed an installation of decorative film at a new (yet to be launched) restaurant in Suffolk. The film which is going in the kitchen area we brought through the lovely team at Brume. Our fitter have said what great film (quality wise) it was to install, and we think it looks rather great. A funky twist on privacy. And the great thing about frosted film is that it still allows natural light flow. So you can gain privacy and style, without darkening a space.

Hot Summer 2014

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far! Wahoo. And things look set to stay, making it a lovely hot summer for the Brits this year.


Make sure your prepared with window film. Wether it be car window tints, (which block 99.9 % UV rays, heat and glare), to window film for your home, where there a heat and/or glare issue were sure to have a solution. (click on images below for relevant links through to car tinting or residential film pages.) or call us today on 0800 328 5776 for a FREE quotation.



New 14 Plate!


We have hit target again and ensured that all the new 14 Plate vehicles going off to lucky customers tomorrow which requested window tinting have been completed. With over 150 car dealer ships on our books across East Anglia and beyond, we strive to ensure we offer the best quality and service and when it comes to new registration we have again gone the extra mile and completed all bookings on time.

Happy 14 Plate!




Coloured Window Film

Got that February feeling? Feel like winter has been dragging on for far too long? Why not give your glazing a spring make over with our gorgeous coloured and decorative window films. Easy to apply (and remove if needed) they can lighten even the dullest February day!

New Car? New Reg?

Are you taking delivery of your new 14 plate vehicle from the first of march and would like window tints? We del with most dealerships within East Anglia and beyond, so we can arrange for your car to be tinted before you take delivery. Simply as your salesman for a quote or call us direct on 01473 272600 

Llumar Family

Have a look at this likable, animated family of four which have transformed their car and home into comfort zones, all thanks to Llumar window film. They no longer have any worries about heat and glare, and, or the harmful effects of exposure to the sun

 Simply click this link to view the animation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-uWDHWQvNI&feature=youtu.be


Valentines Day

Not sorted a gift for Valentines day yet? Well look no further, you can treat your loved one to car window tints. Call today on 0800 3285776 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a FREE and competitive quote.

Stay secure with window film

It's unfortunate that homes and busineses can be targeted with burglery and break ins. Their are various levels of safety film, depending on how tough you would like to make the glass. This varys from making the glass shatter proof, up to blast mitigation, which can make it very very difficult to break, and also protects from bomb blast.


Enquire to day on 0800 328 5776 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


New Volvo V40 Cross Country

Just finished tinting the new Volvo V40 cross country (fitted with 15% dark  from b post back).

If your interested in getting your vehicles windows tinted please call today on 0800 328 5776 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a free quote.
Want to know more about the new Volvo V40 cross country click here.

£99 Car Window Tinting January Sale Offer!

Our January sale offer is back- window tinting to ANY 3door car only £99 (including VAT and from B post only).

Call today on (01473) 272600 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make a booking at our Ipswich branch.

Beware of cheap and/or 'Mobile' Window Tinters

Here at the Window Film Centre we pride our selves on our quality of work and commitment to customer service. We believe we offer a competitive price for what we do and the quality of the premium quality films we use.

Buyer Beware:

As a warning please be awear of the risk of using a cheap and/or 'mobile' window tinter. Although they may quote a few pounds less to have your windows tinted, it comes with risks. Window tinting must be done in a clean, draught free environment, or there is a very high risk of getting contamination (dust and dirt etc) stuck between the film and the glass. And if this does happen do you know how to get hold of a mobile window tinter to get the work rectified? Do they hold insurance that covers the cost of any damage they may accidently do to the vehicle? What is the quality of the film thats being use? (i.e does it scracth easily? Melt in the sunshine? Or turn blue?)

This isn't an attack on fellow tinters, mearly a word of warning to anyone considering window tinting on your vehicle, and a few pointers to consider. We are seeing more and more rectification jobs coming into us where 'cheap' film has been applied badly. We don't want this to happen to your pride and joy.

Wouldn't you rather you window film looked more like this, come with a 7 year warranty (including accidental damage), get fitted with one of the worlds best selling brands of window film, by a very experienced fitter?

At the Window Film Centre we are happy to discuss with you your window tinting needs and offer a fair and competitive price.

Please call today for a FREE quotation on 0800 328 5776 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ng brands of window film, by a very experienced fitter?

Kind words from our customers

  • My Mercedes looks great. The best customer service I have ever had. Thanks Nils and team for a very professional job.

    Mr Hornby Ipswich

  • "We had our Brand New Audi RS3 rear windows tinted in March 2016.Very professional & very pleased as perfect! Would recommend highly! Thank you so much Nils and Joe!"

    Sarah Elliot 2016

  • "Great service. Van side window tinted and a dark tint removed from the rear windows of our car. Great job well done in excellent timescales. Very happy customer."

    Fiona Simpson 2016

  • "Great all-round service for the minute you step forward into the premises to when you collect your car."

    Nick Sanders 2016

  • "Very pleased with the rear window tints on my BMW. Very professional, highly recommended."

    Ian Reeve 2016

  • "Quality installation of Civic tints. And my Mrs' Swift also. Top work."

    Steve Clark 2014

  • "Great price to have my car windows tinted, and I'm really happy with the appearance. The service was spot on before, during and after. The technician was quick and professional, and gave me after-care advice. I would definitely recommend to a friend."

    G Brame Ipswich

  • "We are extremely happy with our car window tinting, the appearance is great. It was really nice to get good service for a change, they were quick and friendly."

    T Ward Ashton Ipswich

  • "I would like to say a huge thank you for the window tints you put on our car. We had the whole car fitted with UV protect film, including the windscreen and we were amazed at the results. We have spent the whole of May in Spain where its been 40 degrees plus. We left the car parked in the midday sun whilst we had lunch and when we returned to the vehicle it was only just warm. Where others were having to wait for their cars to cool down before they got back into them we got straight back in. Our friends who we were with couldn't believe the results and now cant wait to book their car in too! Highly recommended."

    Mr Garner Ipswich


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