September your tints now!

Have you got a new vehicle arriving in September? Would you like to have professionally installed window tints?

Want to know WHY our window film is BETTER than factory fitted tint? Then look no further....

At the Window Film Centre we have over 20 years experience in professional window film installation, working with retail customers directly, as well as a with a large number of car dealerships. The benefit of having window film retrofitted is that it offers SO much more than factory tinted glass-which is what it say, simply tinted glass. Our high quality window films (Llumar branded) have the British Skin Foundation stamp of approval as they block up to 99.9% of UVA and UVB, so as well as reducing heat they protect drivers and passengers from the damaging sun whilst on the road. There is a range of different films, from the very dark Limo 5% film to the lighter UV films you can choose whats right for you depending on how you use your vehicle (I.e do you have young children, dogs etc in the car and want to significantly reduce heat and glare?) or would you like it darker for privacy (work equipment, tools etc in the back) or simply for style?

With film you are also able to tailor which films you use, so you get the benefits where you need it most, for example, with you children you could fit 5% Limo on the sides cutting as much heat and glare possible (while they can still see out) but then a slightly lighter film on the rear screen, to ensure you can still see perfectly out the back window at night time when reversing etc. Or some customers, simply want the UV protection, so will choose a much lighter film to have applied round the whole vehicle.

Many people don't realise you can also have film fitted to the front passenger and drivers windows....well you can. As long as you stay above the legal limitation (need to let over 75% of light through) you can have our UV film applied, which will add a subtle effect aesthetically to your vehicle, but you will reduce heat gain and get UVA and UVB protection. This is also available for the windscreen, and has had particularly great feedback when driving into the sunshine as will cut heat gain so dramatically. 

So...don't panic if you have missed the boat to have tinted factory glass on your 67 REG, simply give us a call and we can quote for having your glass tinted. We work with most dealerships within East Anglia, so we can lease with them and even arrange for the glass to be filmed before you take delivery of your vehicle at the start of September! Yay!!

Email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (01473) 272600 for a free quotation today! You can also check out our Car Window Film Page to read more 


Kind words from our customers

  • My Mercedes looks great. The best customer service I have ever had. Thanks Nils and team for a very professional job.

    Mr Hornby Ipswich

  • "We had our Brand New Audi RS3 rear windows tinted in March 2016.Very professional & very pleased as perfect! Would recommend highly! Thank you so much Nils and Joe!"

    Sarah Elliot 2016

  • "Great service. Van side window tinted and a dark tint removed from the rear windows of our car. Great job well done in excellent timescales. Very happy customer."

    Fiona Simpson 2016

  • "Great all-round service for the minute you step forward into the premises to when you collect your car."

    Nick Sanders 2016

  • "Very pleased with the rear window tints on my BMW. Very professional, highly recommended."

    Ian Reeve 2016

  • "Quality installation of Civic tints. And my Mrs' Swift also. Top work."

    Steve Clark 2014

  • "Great price to have my car windows tinted, and I'm really happy with the appearance. The service was spot on before, during and after. The technician was quick and professional, and gave me after-care advice. I would definitely recommend to a friend."

    G Brame Ipswich

  • "We are extremely happy with our car window tinting, the appearance is great. It was really nice to get good service for a change, they were quick and friendly."

    T Ward Ashton Ipswich

  • "I would like to say a huge thank you for the window tints you put on our car. We had the whole car fitted with UV protect film, including the windscreen and we were amazed at the results. We have spent the whole of May in Spain where its been 40 degrees plus. We left the car parked in the midday sun whilst we had lunch and when we returned to the vehicle it was only just warm. Where others were having to wait for their cars to cool down before they got back into them we got straight back in. Our friends who we were with couldn't believe the results and now cant wait to book their car in too! Highly recommended."

    Mr Garner Ipswich


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