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Architectural Commercial Film

Films for the Commercial & Architectural market

commercial1Window Film Centre offers an extensive range of films for the Commercial & Architectural market. Products range from virtually clear films capable of blocking high amounts of the suns heat without changing the colour of the glass to decorative & coloured films to enhance both the exterior & interior of your building design

We are one of the first of only a handful of UK companies to be accredited by LLumar, the worlds largest window film manufacturer, as an Authorised Fitment Centre and able to recommend the most suitable film for your glazing concerns.

Our spectrally selective commercial window films will optimise internal office space by reducing heat and energy consumption and provide fade control to retail shop fronts.

Energy conservation with LLumar's Enerlogic, the new "All Season" Insulation Window Film, provides high efficiency energy savings that will pay for itself within a couple of years.

Compliance with Health & Safety Regulations in the workplace is paramount and glazing poses many potential risks. Our range of safety, security, blast mitigation and window manifestation films can be easily retrofitted to existing glazing to provide full compliance. Contact our us if require a full risk assessment to be carried out

commercail2We would also welcome the opportunity to discuss how we may be able to help provide a comfortable and safe working environment for you staff and clients.

We have success stories where we have been able to reduce Glare, UV and temperature, by applying our film to these buildings. One such client is KDM on Ransomes Europark, Ipswich.

This current design provides many challenges to architects and local councils, on how to provide a safe and pleasant working experience for staff members, and this is where the Window Film Centre can help.

We are being asked more and more to help reduce glare, Ultra Violet lighttemperature in buildings and to assist in the controlled environment of air conditioned buildings, where our current architecture is using glass to provide some of the stunning commercial buildings we have in our towns and cities today.

Commercial3This side of the business has seen a rapid expansion over the last fews years, mainly due to the temperature increase and longer season's we have in the UK.

For more information please feel free to contact us on (01473) 272600 or alternatively email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Interested in decorative film for you office or school? we  offer a wide range of frosted, decorative and coloured films which add colour, design and increased privacy to your glass. Suitable for any flat glass surface including windows, doors, office partitions and glass table tops.

Solar Control & Energy Saving Film

Reduce Fading, Improve Appearance and Enhance Privacy

solarSolar control architectural films are designed for commercial and residential applications where execisve damaging ultra violet light, excesive heat and glare are problems and where  energy efficiency is important.

What can solar control window film do for you?

Firstly it will reduce your energy costs - In the warmer months a solar control film applied to glazing will reduce the temperature in your home/office by rejecting up to 80% of the suns heat. Furthermore the new Enerlogic "All Season Film" Low E  film reflects  92% of radiant warmth back into the room, cutting heat loss through glass by up to 30%.

Blocks heat and glare- films help to correct temperatures imbalance between sunny and shady areas of building and deflect harsh uncomfortable glare.

Increase in staff productivity- decrease in heat and glare, as well as protection from UV rays.

Reduced fading- films filter out up to 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet rays that cause fading in fabrics, furnishings, and display merchandise.

Improve appearance- films add new style to buildings for a fraction of the cost of other refurbishments and without the inconvenience of relocating whilst work is being performed.

Enhance privacy- reflective films will let light in but protect privacy during day light hours. Our opaque films, and frosted films are also available to offer interior privacy.

We have a range of Solar and energy film available, (including the new ‘Enerlogic’ film for all seasons).

For more information or to book in for a FREE quote call 01473 272600 or alternatively email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


AccrediationLLumar Approved Fitment Centre

On 24 March 2011 the Window Film Centre became one the first window film companies in Europe to be appointed a LLumar Approved Fitment Centre. 

We are extremely pleased to accept this accreditation and look forward to continuing our strong working relationship with Solutia Performance Films, the World's largest window film manufacturer Window film will dramatically improve the comfort levels in your car, we also have films designed to be fitted to conservatories, your home, office and your boat all with the many of the same benefits. 

Safe Contractor Approved 01 February 2011. Window Film Centre achieves Safe Contractor Approved status.

Security and Privacy Films

Increased privacy and security to your business premises

commercial11Privacy and Security is a Key Benefit of fitting window film to your business premises or home. Depending on your need, we have a range of films that are suitable for adding increased privacy and security to your business premises. Our range of privacy window films includes one-way mirrored film, frosted, graphic, and coloured window film . Each film offers varying levels of privacy, as well as visual effect.

Commercial12One-Way Mirrored Film

One-way daytime privacy can also be achieved by using our one-way mirrored window films. They work by reflecting the light on the brighter side to stop vision through, whilst still allowing you to see out from the darker observation area. Reflective window films are also perfect for daytime privacy on outside facing glass windows, but can also be used on internal glass partitions subject to lighting conditions.

Frosted Film

commercial13If you are after a film that offers privacy, can obscure an unsightly view, or simply for a contemporary update to an interior, there is no better film than our frosted range. We offer a wide selection of quality frosted films, from plain white frosted, through to our new tinted frosted films.

Where privacy is essential, such as bathroom windows and doors, we recommend the plain frosted film. But for where you want to be more creative, we also have a rage of decorative and graphic frosted films that offer a semi-privacy effect to your glass. Again when an internal light is on you can make out defused shapes, other than where the film is cut out.

Another benefit of the frosted film is an increase in the safety of the glass. Along with making the plain glass panels more obvious, it will also act like a laminate in the event of an accident.

Graphic Film

Due to the different designs on the film, they offer varying levels of privacy. With over 30 designs to choose from. These films are ideal for office partitions as allow plenty of natural light through whilst adding privacy.

commercial15Coloured Film

Transparent, you can use just one colour to compliment a colour scheme or use a combination of colours to create an eye catching window display. There is also the option of layering our Coloured films, with our patterned films to create a really inspirational effect to your glass.

Blast Mitigation Film

The above films add security in distorting or blocking the view into a premises , if you require additional safety and security to the glass see our blast-mitigtion window film which can be layered up with other decorative or performance window films, but will provide great protection from vandalism, theft, smash and grab and even bomb-blasts/explosions.

For more information on any of the above window films simple email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 01473 272600

Solar Film Visualiser

Safety and Blast Mitigation Film

  • SafetyA very high percentage of injury during a bomb blast results from flying glass. We have a high quality specialist window film that, made with thick, heavy-duty polyester bonded by strong adhesives, provide an optically clear yet powerful barrier that helps hold glass in place should impact occur.

    This film not only provides safety and security in a bomb blast, but also protects accidental damage (protecting young children especially), danger from wind borne debris in hurricanes etc, and seismic tremors.

    Our bomb-blast window film is also ideal for use in high-traffic areas with windows or other surfaces vulnerable to "smash-and-grab" theft, vandalism or essential protection from rioting.

    We can layer this film with other films, to provide excellent Solar/UV protection;reducing heat, glare and fade on top of the security of the Bomb-Blast window film.

  • Anti-GraffitiReduce the Cost of Graffiti Removal 
    Many cities in the world are experiencing the growing problem of vandals tagging glass and other surfaces in public places using mechanical etching tools, acid, and paint. Anti-graffiti window film, also known as sacrificial film, is now the front-running solution to cost-effectively mitigate damage. These specially designed films, nearly invisible once installed, provide a removable, sacrificial surface that can reduce or eliminate the need for expensive glass replacement. A single replacement of just one window can easily exceed ten or twenty times the cost of film installation.

    Simply Remove the "Tagged" Film 
    Whether they are applied to vertical or sloped glass, or mirrors or stainless steel, in shopping centres, on buses, in office buildings or on the underground, installation and replacement by professionally trained staff is quick and easy, avoiding the disruption caused by window replacement. When vandals strike, the film is simply removed along with the tags, revealing the unspoiled glass surface ready for the replacement sacrificial film.

  • ManifestationsManifestations can be used where ever you need to draw attention to glass, whether its at home or work, from partitions, patio doors, children's rooms etc. We have a choice of designs and colours, that can be used for safety or decorative purposes. It is a legal necessity to ensure that all large areas of glass are made clearly noticeable, most significantly in corporate buildings or public areas, and employers are required by law to take the steps to ensure the safety of staff and the public alike.

    The highest risk areas are:

    • Doors, especially near to door handles and push plates
    • Glass panes surrounding doors
    • Low level windows (children are especially vulnerable)
    • Glass partitions or screens which are at shoulder height
    • Glass partitions or screens at low level (protection for the disabled under the Disability Discrimination Act - DDA)
  • “Windows, transparent or translucent surfaces in walls, partitions, doors and gates should, where necessary for reasons of health and safety, be made of safety material or be protected against breakage. If there is a danger of people coming into contact with it, it should be marked or incorporate features to make it apparent".

    Here are some requirements highlighted in Regulation 14 regarding glass doors and partitions and the use of manifestations:

    1. They are clearly defined with manifestation on the glass at two levels, 850 to 1000 mm and 1400 to 1600 mm above the floor, contrasting visually with the background seen through the glass (both sides from inside and outside) in all lighting conditions.
    2. Manifestation takes the form of a logo or sign at least 150 mm high (repeated on a glazed screen) or a decorative feature such as a broken lines or continuous bands, at least 50 mm high. Can I see out
    3. Glazed entrance doors, where adjacent to, or forming part of a glazed screen, are clearly differentiated from it by the provision of a high contrast strip at the top and on both sides.
    4. Glass entrance doors, where capable of being held open are protected by guarding to prevent the leading edge constituting a hazard.

For information on any of the above films please feel free to email us  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or simply call 01473 272600 and one of our friendly advisors will be more than happy to answer any of your questions or provide a FREE quote.

What our customers are saying

Now if we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our customers will!

  • "I have to say the product is superb and has eradicated all of our problems, they were also great to work with - nothing was to much trouble."

    Paul Reely, Branch Manager - Waitrose Ipswich

  • "We have been very happy with the anti-fade window film we have recently had fitted to our shop front recently. Its already making a huge difference. When window film was mentioned to us as a problem solving product for sun damage/stock loss we thought of the horrid yellow screens, but this is a whole other level, completely transparent and protects stock."

    John Ives

  • "I just wanted to say a big thank you for doing the windows. They guys who fitted the anti-fade window film were fantastic and did a great job, I am over the moon with the results, if I were not there whilst they were fitting I probably would not have believed they had done it!! you can not even tell. So a big thank you. Its going to take some getting used too as after I had dressed the windows with shoes I was a little nervous that the colours would fade!!"

    Ninni-noo boutique


Fade Reduction Film

Anti-fade and UV-protect window films

ShopAnyone that has worked in retail, knows the importance of first impression. And for most, the first impression is the shop window. This initial visual of the store is frequently the make or break between someone walking past, or deciding to come in and browse, and then hopefully make a purchase.

So the shop window needs to be individual and eye catching, more than often, putting your best pieces on display to draw those customers in!

So with that in mind, we want to make sure you are protecting these items, wether its a fashion store, or furniture store. Textiles, furnishings, paper, and leather goods are all this that can fade quickly, resulting in damaged goods and stock loss.

Luckily we have a solution!.....Anti-fade and UV-protect window films....

We offer a range of window films that tackle all the problems your may face when you are wanting to show of your best stock, but you want it to remain fresh, un-damaged and therefore sellable.

We offer a basic anti-UV window film, which will block 99% off all UV rays, and is completely transparent.

However UV is only responsible for about 40% of fade (see graph below). We then have higher tech films which will filter heat, visible light, artificial light etc which will in turn provide excellent protection against fade and visual damage, wether its clothing, furnishings or art work!

In addition to the anti-fade performance many of the films that we apply to shop fronts also provide energy saving. For example with modern architcture many of the new build department stores favours large glass fronts. Which visually are very pleasing, but can suffer from high heat gain in the summer. Rather than turn up the air conditioning, our solar control film can significantly reduce heat gane and glare into store. Thus in time pays for itself.


Above: John Lewis and Waitrose, Ipswich: 3M window film installed to help combat heat and glare.


Above: COES, Ipswich which we fitted anti-fade window film too recently.


Our range of anti-fade window films give protection, as well as being transparent, so allow customers to see into the window just as well as if there were no film there. We can also layer up the film with safety film, which will provide additional security from vandalism, theft and bomb blast.

For further information, or to book in for a FREE consultation and quote simply email.


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Window Film Centre is an independent family run business with over 30 years experience in supplying and fitting window films to all types of vehicles and buildings.

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Kind words from our customers

  • My Mercedes looks great. The best customer service I have ever had. Thanks Nils and team for a very professional job.

    Mr Hornby Ipswich

  • "We had our Brand New Audi RS3 rear windows tinted in March 2016.Very professional & very pleased as perfect! Would recommend highly! Thank you so much Nils and Joe!"

    Sarah Elliot 2016

  • "Great service. Van side window tinted and a dark tint removed from the rear windows of our car. Great job well done in excellent timescales. Very happy customer."

    Fiona Simpson 2016

  • "Great all-round service for the minute you step forward into the premises to when you collect your car."

    Nick Sanders 2016

  • "Very pleased with the rear window tints on my BMW. Very professional, highly recommended."

    Ian Reeve 2016

  • "Quality installation of Civic tints. And my Mrs' Swift also. Top work."

    Steve Clark 2014

  • "Great price to have my car windows tinted, and I'm really happy with the appearance. The service was spot on before, during and after. The technician was quick and professional, and gave me after-care advice. I would definitely recommend to a friend."

    G Brame Ipswich

  • "We are extremely happy with our car window tinting, the appearance is great. It was really nice to get good service for a change, they were quick and friendly."

    T Ward Ashton Ipswich

  • "I would like to say a huge thank you for the window tints you put on our car. We had the whole car fitted with UV protect film, including the windscreen and we were amazed at the results. We have spent the whole of May in Spain where its been 40 degrees plus. We left the car parked in the midday sun whilst we had lunch and when we returned to the vehicle it was only just warm. Where others were having to wait for their cars to cool down before they got back into them we got straight back in. Our friends who we were with couldn't believe the results and now cant wait to book their car in too! Highly recommended."

    Mr Garner Ipswich


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